State Bicycle Co. x BoomBot REX Wireless Speaker
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State Bicycle Co. x BoomBot REX Wireless Speaker

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Boombot REX is the next evolution of smart speakers in the ultraportable Boombot collection. A salute to the king of dinosaurs, the Boombot REX mimics the thump of the T-Boombot REX’s footsteps as it ruled the land.


With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, the Boombot REX allows you to stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.


The Boombot REX connects to iPods, smartphones, tablets, and laptops using wireless Bluetooth technology. Stream music, change tracks, and answer, end, or deny phone calls on the fly. The Boombot REX is built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle so you can bring music to where you enjoy it most.




Will Boombot1/Boombot2/Boombot REX work with my device?

Any device that has a 1/8" inch standard headphone jack will be compatible with all of our speakers. This includes iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, MP3 players, laptops, CD Players, and pretty much all music players.


The Boombot2 and Boombot REX use Bluetooth technology to stream music wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones and mobile devices.


What happens if my speaker breaks?

Boombotix products are covered by a NO MATTER WHAT one-year warranty. This guarantees our products with free repair or replacement within one year from the date of purchase. Try to diagnose any problems using our Knowledge Base.


Worst case, please visit to submit a warranty claim for your speaker.


How do I charge my speaker?

Boombotix speakers include a USB charging cable that can be plugged into any USB wall charger or computer. Charging takes approximately one hour and will provide approximately 6-8 hours of playback time.


I'm having trouble with pairing with my bluetooth speaker. What should I do?

Do not panic. Sometimes you just need to re-pair your device to freshen things up. Un-pair and delete the speaker from your Bluetooth settings and reboot the speaker. Re-pair with the speaker and resume your music playback. If this fails, try to charge your speaker. If all fails, visit


My bluetooth speaker is not as loud when playing it wirelessly! What's up with that?

Using bluetooth technology will result in approximately 10% loss of volume due. This is normal for all bluetooth audio devices.


Can I pair with multiple speakers to get stereo sound?

Our Boombots offer more than just a great portable speaker -- they are a total mobile audio package. When you connect to a Boombot speaker via Bluetooth, our patented SoundHub™ technology flips the 1/8" audio jack from an input to a stereo output. Simply connect any speaker or stereo system to it, and enjoy streaming stereo audio from your portable speaker. SoundHub allows you to enjoy the luxury of high fidelity wireless freedom on just about any home stereo, boombox, or entertainment system.