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State Bicycle Co "SBC FC" Football Shirt (Black or White) (Ships via USA)

Olé, Olé, Olé
Each Jersey is limited to 100 - adorned with the "SBC" emblem stitched on, State Bicycle Co. patch and tag.
Free Postage throughout Most of EU !

In celebration of the World Cup, State Bicycle Co. is bringing the 2018 "SBC FC" Football Shirt to our riders for a limited time only. Inspired by the truly universal sport, this jersey's synthetic material is perfect for staying dry after a ride.
Each of the limited 100 jerseys (per color) is adorned with a stiched "SBC" emblem, State Bicycle Co. patch and tag. 

This is a loose fit meant for casual hangs and casual rides. 

*This item ships from the USA. Duties/Taxes may apply - please allow 1-2 weeks for processing on all clothing items.